Are you inspired to reassess and refocus?

The last few months have seen a range of unexpected challenges: enforced salary reductions, hour reductions, furloughs and role redundancies. Juggling work and home schooling for some and loneliness for others.

It has also seen some positive side effects: no longer sitting on the motorway or squashed in a packed tube/train carriage twice a day, clearer skies and the normalisation of video calls to work with colleagues remotely and realising that this is not just doable, but really productive.

A lot of people have said to me that it has made them think differently about what is important. They don’t want to return to how life was. They are excited for the ‘new normal’ and whatever that brings. They have been thinking about doing something different.

Others are missing work and want to get stuck back in and would love a new professional chapter in the corporate world.

Many are drained. They have been keeping balls in the air for so long, or have Zoom overload. They want to reconnect with what energises them.

Wherever you are at, now may be a good time to invest some time in reassessing your priorities and refocusing, in order to plan how to achieve success.

I have created the Career Reassess, Refocus & Readiness Programme to help you do just that, and get ready to go and get what you want – whether it is a new role, a career change or something completely different. Starting at £199 / SGD$349, the programme includes five video training sessions each with a follow up coaching exercise for you to work on independently:

  • Taking Back Control – Whatever your situation, whether redundancy, the end of a contract in a challenging market, a career break or something else, we will focus on how you own your story, focus on the positives and decide what is next for you.
    • Follow up: Exercise to get feedback from people in your network.
  • Pimping your Elevator Pitch – Helping you answer the question ‘Who are you? What do you do? Who do you help?’ and ensuring you make a strong first impression, come across with confidence and personality and are memorable.
    • Follow up: Coaching exercise to identify your energising strengths.
  • Nailing your CV and LinkedIn Profile – How to get your CV and LinkedIn profile in tip-top condition. We will look at their similarities and differences and how you weave your personality into them.
    • Follow up: Coaching exercise to examine your career to date and the highlights.
  • Why Networking is the Secret to your Success – Inspiring you to think differently about networking and finding a way that works for you, both online and offline. 15 tips for improving and harnessing your network.
    • Follow up: Coaching exercise to reflect on your existing network and come up with an action plan to improve it.
  • Interviewing with Impact – How to own your story and give a strong account of your career so far. How to best articulate your achievements getting you ready to go in there confidently and nail it!
    • Follow up: Using the R-STAR model to capture your best achievements, and get you super prepared for interview.

If you wish to invest more, you can opt for the enhanced package which includes three one to one online coaching sessions and a discount on my executive coaching rate for further sessions – £949 / SGD$1,651.

Everyone is welcome in The Recruitment Coach Facebook Group which is a wonderful supportive group of positive people considering what’s next. You are warmly invited.

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