I help you move forward with positivity at a critical moment. I go on the journey with you as a supporter, helping you understand what is important to you. I help get you to action, to keep momentum and get results.

Managing your career and networking is an ongoing activity, not just something you start doing when you want to change your job.

I will support you to achieve more in your career either in your current organisation or in a new one. You will be better equipped when your dream opportunity comes along.

I’ll help you

Understand your strengths – where you perform best and are energised

Reflect on your career highs to date and what they have in common

Pinpoint your values – what matters most to you in life

Identify what is most important to you in your career

Nail your ‘elevator pitch’ so you can impactfully describe who you are, what you do and the value you add

Use LinkedIn to create a strong first impression, build relationships and have ongoing engagement with key individuals

Create a networking plan (even if you don’t love networking!) and get results from it

Refine your CV to highlight your best achievements and traits and help steer the focus of discussions 

Navigate the evolving job market and how best to interact with recruitment and search firms today.

Improve your performance at interviews through planning, preparation and practice

Work out which offer to accept and negotiate the package

Transition successfully between roles to leave on a high and land with impact


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If you would like to invest in additional support through one of my coaching programmes or products here are further details. Each programme can be adapted according to your specific needs. We can discuss this as part of the free Coaching Exploration Session. The quoted prices include VAT. For any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.