Career Reassess, Refocus & Readiness




If you are looking for a new role as a result of redundancy or are feeling stuck when considering what you want to do next in your career, this online programme will help you to reach your goals.

The support package offers an affordable way to get input and support from Ellie.

5 video training sessions each with a follow up coaching exercise for you to work on independently:

  • Taking Back Control – Whatever your situation, whether redundancy, the end of a contract in a challenging market, a career break or something else, we will focus on how you own your story, focus on the positives and decide what is next for you.
    • Follow up: Exercise to get feedback from people in your network.
  • Pimping your Elevator Pitch – Helping you answer the question ‘Who are you? What do you do? Who do you help?’ and ensuring you make a strong first impression, come across with confidence and personality and are memorable.
    • Follow up: Coaching exercise to identify your energising strengths.
  • Nailing your CV and LinkedIn Profile – How to get your CV and LinkedIn profile in tip-top condition. We will look at their similarities and differences and how you weave your personality into them.
    • Follow up: Coaching exercise to examine your career to date and the highlights.
  • Why Networking is the Secret to your Success – Inspiring you to think differently about networking and finding a way that works for you, both online and offline. 15 tips for improving and harnessing your network.
    • Follow up: Coaching exercise to reflect on your existing network and come up with an action plan to improve it.
  • Interviewing with Impact – How to own your story and give a strong account of your career so far. How to best articulate your achievements getting you ready to go in there confidently and nail it!
    • Follow up: Using the R-STAR model to capture your best achievements, and get you super prepared for interview.

The price quoted is for individuals, paying for themselves. Please contact me on to discuss organisation packages and prices.

“I feel clearer about who I am, what I want, and what my goals are. I have a clear idea of my strengths and am able to articulate them. I have updated my Linked In profile and am getting regular interest. I would definitely recommend Ellie to anyone who has faced redundancy and doesn’t know where to start to be effective in the job market.” AW