Leadership Evolution –
1 year



If you are in a leadership role and you are doing a great job the likelihood is at some stage you will progress to a more senior or bigger role. Your career and its challenges will evolve. You may find yourself managing your former peers. You will now need to influence at a new level in the organisation. You can no longer succeed by working hard and being really good at your day job. It is no longer just about being a subject matter expert.

I can work with you as you prepare for this change and help get you ready. Once you are in the new role I can work with you as you settle in and learn to adapt how you work. This programme is also ideal for those already in a senior leadership or executive position but whose role or company is evolving due to market conditions.

We will create a bespoke tailored plan for you, which will evolve as your priorities emerge, but it is likely to include some of the following:

  • Creating your personal development plan
  • Seeking feedback from those around you to understand how you are viewed
  • Identifying your goals and priorities
  • Working out the things you can no longer (and should no longer) do
  • Networking and relationship building with senior stakeholders
  • Building your confidence
  • Identifying and harnessing your strengths
  • Dealing with ‘characters’ who have different outlooks or priorities
  • Influencing at all levels

1 year package: £4,500. Includes 12 x monthly 90 minute coaching sessions. Ad hoc e mail support as needed. Additional check ins for £250 an hour. For the six month package see here.