Super Strengths



We all have lots of things we can do – our competencies. We also have strengths – and when we use them, we perform well and are energised. If we use them regularly we are happier, more confident and more successful.

In this programme you will:

  • Complete an online questionnaire to identify your strengths
  • Watch a video where Ellie explains more about the strengths approach, gives an overview of the model, and shares some tips for managing your weaknesses
  • Answer some coaching questions which will help you start thinking about your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Have a one hour one-to-one coaching session with Ellie to explore your strengths further and identify a personal plan for harnessing them.

“Oh my, I LOVED this – it’s awesome! Super-energised by it … thank you.”  AC

“This was the number one most helpful thing in our sessions – the realisation that playing to your strengths gives you power” JM

Online – 1 hour coaching session – £630

In person – 90-minute coaching session – £828

The price quoted includes VAT and is for individuals, paying for themselves. Please contact me on to discuss organisation packages and prices.