Super Strengths




We all have lots of things we can do – our competencies. We also have things that when we do them we perform well and are energised. These are our super strengths and should be harnessed. We are much happier, more confident and more successful if we use them regularly.

In this programme you will:

  • Complete an online questionnaire to identify your strengths
  • Watch a video where Ellie explains more about the strengths approach, gives an overview of the model, and shares some tips for managing your weaknesses
  • Answer some coaching questions which will help you start thinking about your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Have a one hour one-to-one coaching session with Ellie to explore your strengths further and identify a personal plan for harnessing them.

The price quoted is for individuals, paying for themselves. Please contact me on to discuss organisation packages and prices.

“Oh my, I LOVED this – it’s awesome! Super-energised by it … thank you.”  AC