LinkedIn Challence from May 2021: Stop lurking and start posting.

My LinkedIn challenge, run in May 2021 can be viewed in full here.

Have you been meaning to post more on LinkedIn? I often talk to clients who want to use LinkedIn to grow their network and online presence, but they have a real barrier with posting publicly on LinkedIn. Their concerns vary but include:

  • ‘I don’t want to come across as cheesy’
  • ‘I might say the wrong thing’
  • ‘It isn’t encouraged at work’
  • ‘I want a full plan and content strategy first’
  • ‘I am too busy’…

So instead, they do nothing. They usually have a profile on LinkedIn, in varying stages of completeness. Their current role might have no detail. Their headline is just their job title. Occasionally they ‘like’ someone’s post, but they don’t engage in conversation.

LinkedIn is a social networking tool and those people are rather missing the point because they are neither using it to be social or to network. Like having a gym membership, you are only going to get the benefit if you actually use it.

A mistake I see time after time is people waiting until they need something to start engaging with others on LinkedIn. The catalyst might be losing their job or starting a business.

Can I offer a suggestion with networking? Don’t focus on what you can get. Go into it with an attitude of how can I help? What can I learn? Who can I get to know better?

It doesn’t have to be scary or time consuming, I promise. It’s just a case of starting. And I can help! I invite you to join my May LinkedIn Challenge. Starting on 3 May I will share a simple task for you to complete each day. We’ll start small and easy. We’ll get into the habit of showing up and taking little actions.

By the end of May, should you choose to accept the challenge, you’ll have:

  • An updated LinkedIn profile that is more ‘you’
  • Reconnected with some old contacts
  • Started engaging with others’ content and having conversations
  • Got into the habit of showing up on LinkedIn more regularly
  • Grown your confidence in this area… and more

This challenge is not aimed at super pro social medial influencers or LinkedIn gurus, it is for leaders in day jobs, HR professionals and anyone who has been meaning to use LinkedIn a bit more to grow their presence and invest in their network (without being cheesy). I hope you will join me!

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One response to “LinkedIn Challence from May 2021: Stop lurking and start posting.”

  1. Laure says:

    Great idea Ellie, looking forward to reading you and participating to the challenge ✌️?