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just because you can

This is why you don’t want to be headhunted accidentally

I was chatting to someone recently and they told me they were moving to a similar role in a…
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Author Focus – Dorie Clark
Latest book: The Long Game – How to be a long-term thinker in a short-term world

In a world where so many people today feel rushed, overwhelmed and perennially behind, being ‘crazy busy’ is almost…
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Power verbs checklist

Want your CV to work as hard as you do? Write your achievements like this…

The greatest space on your CV should be given to your achievements – bullet points in the past tense…
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Why it’s not a terrible thing to influence how other people think of you

Personal branding.  Cringe.  I know. It is something I see a physical response to whenever I mention it as…
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Six things you definitely won’t regret preparing before an interview

In the past, I have certainly been guilty of winging it in an interview, confident that my knowledge, experience…
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Seven things you need to know about career success

As I celebrate 7 years in business, I am taking this opportunity to share 7 career tips, which stand…
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How to be proactive at work by focusing on the things you can control

In the classic book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey writes about proactive people focusing their time…
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Why we need to stop feeling bad for saying no!

I remember early in my career a more senior male colleague said ‘well done’ for the way I had…
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How can I overcome my fixed mindset and change for the better?

When people exhibit a ‘fixed mindset’, they believe their intelligence is fixed and can’t be developed. They also believe…
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Had a wobble? Here are nine ways you can boost your confidence

Confidence. Some people are just born with it and others aren’t. Right? Wrong! Like many things, confidence is a…
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Doing these two easy things will help you network more

Networking Series Blog 3 – In a recent survey of my professional contacts, 84% of those surveyed said they…
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People hate the word networking more than the activity itself – does it need a rebrand?

Networking Series Blog 2 – In a recent survey I conducted about professional networking (completed by 80 of my…
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7 benefits of networking according to 80 of my trusted contacts

Networking Series Blog 1 – I recently surveyed 80 professional contacts about the benefits they have gained from networking…
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Why we can grieve for a job loss before it’s even happened

Is it possible to grieve for something before you’ve lost it? A question I was mulling over recently after…
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What interviewers really want to know when they say ‘tell me about you’

Have you ever been in an interview where they have opened with world’s broadest question ‘can you tell me…
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Why lurking on LinkedIn won’t help you get a new role

Are you actively looking for a new role? Assuming your situation is not confidential, here are 9 ways you…
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Want a stand-out CV? Sprinkle these power verbs through it liberally!

I have read a lot of CVs over the years. Thousands. Some are, to put it politely, just a…
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Picture of Ellie

14 Self-care ideas to bring joy on your darker days

I recently read an interesting article about S.A.D. (Seasonally Affected Disorder). It said around 6% of us in the…
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writing CV

Seven learnings from writing my Board CV to save your time and sanity

NED Series Blog 4 – I have been considering applying for a NED or Trustee role for some time…
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NED 3 image

The five top insights HR NEDs and Trustees want you to know

NED Series Blog 3 – In 2021, I conducted a research survey to learn from HR leaders who have…
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networking opportunities

Nine easy ways to turn attending a webinar into a networking opportunity

I have heard so many times since the start of the pandemic, ‘oh isn’t networking hard these days now…
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Start be patient

Ten tips for breaking into the Trustee or NED world

NED Series Blog 2 – Often HR leaders talk about having an aspiration to become a Non-Executive Director (NED)…
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Be Confident

Nine things to do before becoming a NED or Trustee alongside your day job

NED Series Blog 1 – Often HR leaders talk about having a long-term aspiration to become a Non-Executive Director…
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Why the answer is always YES you DO have questions for them!

Picture the scene. You are in an interview. It’s gone well and it’s coming to the end. You are…
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why do I need coaching?

13 reasons why hiring a coach could be a game changer

I was really shocked when someone recently said to me ‘oh I don’t need coaching’. My reaction was strong.…
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let's make today count

Five helpful things I have learnt in five years

I am just into the start of the sixth year of my business and have taken some time to…
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These two easy changes will massively increase your success at interview

Being great at what you do doesn’t mean you are going to perform well at interview. Being perfect for…
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Why just being great at your job won’t get you promoted

You are happy in your current company. You are busy in your role and doing a great job. Well…
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LinkedIn Challence from May 2021: Stop lurking and start posting.

My LinkedIn challenge, run in May 2021 can be viewed in full here. Have you been meaning to post…
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Own your path

Why it’s not a disaster if you have a ‘non-traditional’ career path

Many leaders have what I would call a traditional career path. If we take the world of Human Resources…
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