I’m not looking for a new job, why do I need to bother with LinkedIn?

When LinkedIn was still quite new, I remember having a lively debate with a Group HR Director who wasn’t on LinkedIn about why he should be. He said he was happy in his job so he wasn’t looking for a new one. His view was that LinkedIn was only for job seekers. I had similar discussions with other HR leaders – all high calibre and for their level, relatively young. It is rarer today, but still happens. Just last week one of my network had exactly the same conversation with two of her team. She was, of course, delighted they are happy in their roles but had to explain that LinkedIn is for so much more than job hunting.

Here are eight reasons you should be using LinkedIn.

1. It’s not all about you. You represent your organisation, especially if you are in a leadership role, are a hiring manager or work in HR or recruitment. Think of your employer brand. Your dream candidate might be looking for a role and doing their due diligence on your company right now. What would they think if they looked at your LinkedIn profile as a representative of your organisation? Would it tempt them to explore it further?

2. When you or a colleague are actively recruiting, LinkedIn is a great way to spread the word through your network by posting some enticing information and a link to where they can apply (this can be any URL so it doesn’t matter if your role is advertised elsewhere including on your company’s own careers site.)

3. Also don’t forget potential customers. Savvy customers will research organisations before they use them and this may include LinkedIn profiles of the leaders of the business.

4. On a practical level LinkedIn is an easy way to keep all of your contacts in one place and even if they move organisations and change contact details you can’t lose them.

5. It is also a great source of news and information on industry trends. Join groups, follow organisations and see blog posts by influencers. There is some great reading material for your own personal development. If you want to, you can comment to add your viewpoint and start a conversation.

6. As we develop our careers, volunteering, mentoring, or trustee roles are all great experience and LinkedIn is a way you could be found for these type of opportunities. You can include interests and previous experience that is relevant and even indicate on your profile you are open to these opportunities.

7. It’s a great tool for networking and engaging with others, both building new connections who you can convert to off line contacts as well as keeping in touch with existing ones.

8. For the more private of you, this doesn’t mean you have to be constantly posting in the public domain. The direct message facility is a fantastic way to easily keep in touch with your professional network.

LinkedIn is an excellent free platform which when used well can powerfully present you and your organisation’s brands. And although you aren’t looking for a new job now, when the time comes, you will be starting from a great point. Or your dream job might just find you!

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